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Samantha Bailey

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Beschreibung When Sam Bailey tells people that she used to take her clothes off for money, three questions usually follow. The first is Why?' The simple answer is that she enjoyed it. She liked showing off, being desired and earning a lot of money. The second is 'How did you get started?' Sam was 17, had a poorly paid job that she hated and couldn't bear to think that was all there was for her in life. The third question is: 'So, Sam, what was it like?' In Stripped, Sam Bailey reveals all about her experiences, taking us behind the scenes and introducing us to the other strippers and the punters, aged 18 to 80. She recounts a series of episodes that shine a light on the simultaneously sexy and seedy, glamorous and grotty world of lap-dancing clubs. Stripped takes you down the steps and through the double doors to reveal some of the night's darkest secrets and expose the reality of life in the strip-club underworld.

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